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Thank you for visiting my new site! My name is Jodi Payne, and I am hobbyist photographer working
to achieve my goal of becoming a professional. I have to say I was born with a love for photography,
and all of nature, as my father is a professional commercial, and stock photographer.He has been my
inspiration, and also my toughest critic. I like to believe any talent I have is from him, as I have never
taken any courses in photography. I am totally self taught, with just a little instruction from Dad here
and there:) My brother Andrew Steiner, is a great Photojournalist in Chicago. He is published in
many magazines there, and also has the honor of working as a personal photographer for Jane Goodall
when she is in town for her Shoots & Roots program. My father Peter Steiner who's work you can see
on this site been published worldwide in many publications including
National Geographic, and Time Magazine. He also has many images that have been, and are being used
for calenders, greeting cards, ads and my favorite is his shot of our beloved Samoyed Bear (who you can
see in my Dogs gallery) who is the official Yip Yaps dog for Yip Yaps Dog Breath mints and has been for
for about ten years now.As you will be able to tell from my galleries, my main subjects are my parents
Blue Merle Shetland Sheepdog Sam, and my own tabby cat of 15yrs Nikki.I also have taken countless
photos of other family pets(almost all of the cats and dogs are in the family) and I have also taken many
photographs of friends dogs, and also dogs Sam and I meet on our walks and trips to the parks.I have
been fortunate enough to sell a few prints privately to a couple of people, and I do have a couple of
photo shoots (were I get paid) of a friends dogs, and also some kids planned for the near future.I also
may have my photo of Sam published in a book, it does not come out until the Fall, so I have to wait and
see what happens. As soon as it comes out I will let everyone know! I am also working to improve my on
variety of subjects, although my favorite subject is animals and nature, I want to work on more conceptual
type shots and b&w photos.I only recently became the owner of a Nikon D-80, which I am still learning to
operate. It is my first DSLR. Most of the shots I will upload here are with that camera, but some of my favorite
older shots were taken with a Nikon Coolpix SR4...which I still love to use, especially walking with Sammy:)
I work full time so I don't have the amount of time I would like to spend on my photography, but I plan on
adding to my portfolio daily, and hope to one day be able be as successful a photographer as my dad and brother.
Thank you for your time and visit, it is much appreciated:)Please stop back for for more updates and photos
as this this is a work in progress...thanks:)